Graduation Commencement Speakers

The Grand Graduation Commencement Speakers of The McTavish International Academy Of Magical Sciences who address all classes from elementary to university level. The speech is generally followed by a dazzling fireworks display as students head off to Summer Vacation.

  • 2020: Saint Nicholas Of North Pole City who is better known as Santa Claus. The world’s only Demi-Angel and de-facto Leader of all things good on Earth!
  • 2021: Sorceress Supreme Elvira Winter of the Seminary Of Supreme Sorcery hidden in the German Black Forest. The top female magician on Earth who used to serve the forces of darkness. Thankfully, she saw the light and now fights for all that is right!
  • 2022: Alchemist Edelweiss Wu from China speaks of his work melding magic and science into one enchanted entity for the betterment of humankind.